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Eight years ago we asked how to think about transforming zeros and ones into meaningful products that can transform the way people interact with data. We love data and the understanding it brings to our massively complex and chaotic world. Today our products are deployed by governments, advertising agencies, research firms, financial services, and institutions around the world.

Sqreem is proud to be one of the winners of the Unilever Lions prestigious Foundry Award. The application included over 100,000 entrants so we are very honored and grateful for this recognition. See more details here.

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Pattern of Life Experiences

The Challenge

POLE starts with data from numerous sources. The world is full of tons of data! There is both structured and non-structured data which need to be “integrated” while continuously growing, morphing, and changing. This makes the challenge exponentially complex as more data elements are added.

Creating the Solution

Scientists, social researchers, planners, business people, and governmental agencies want to have this amorphous data stream be dynamic and responsive to help them accomplish their missions and overcome their challenges. This astute group need a way to spontaneously ask questions of the world we live in and receive answers in terms, words, and frameworks we can understand across international borders.

Cultivating the Humanity Model

Working side by side with our clients, our engineers and data scientists synthesize and map all the relevant source data regardless of volume, size, or type into a single powerful coherent model. As zeros and ones flow into our Sqreem POLE platform, they are transformed into insightful relationships of people, place, events, and the connection of the time and space between them.

  • The Sqreem POLE Platform

    Our population models start with continuous data flows into our platform so you can gain insights in hours or days versus weeks or months. A multi level security and admin system ensures the insights are accessed by only authorized users and this activity can be tracked. Updates to the data are automatically refreshed on an ongoing basis so there is no need for our clients to hassle with the data feeds and costly integration issues.

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    Feel the pulse of “Humanity Analysis”

    By interacting with the data through a variety of start to finish integrated application aer built on top of the Sqreem platform. The applications let you search across all data sources, visualize relationships, discover divergent patterns, and uncover unknown connections. This enlightens the path to see hidden patterns and insights.

    Case Studies

    Our Story

    How Can We Help?

    We believe well asked questions can enhance human understanding and conditions. With zillions of data points and the right process, technology, and people, we want to change the world to help people lead happier and healthier lives.

    In 2007, in Singapore, we envisioned a time when we could use data to really understand communities, products, and individuals in ways where we could be fast and flexible to respond to “life experiences.”

    Quietly we worked to develop an ecosystem of data collection, information frameworks, presentation layers, and behavioral insight identifiers to solve some of the worlds most complex problems. We have done this with a social conscious to protect and secure sensitive data.

    This quest to define a different approach to technology by creating a collaborative international company to make it happen. We have come from many places on the planet, but have converged to found and create Sqreem.


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